Kelly Dale Anderson (Kilauren Gibb): Famous Adoption Story

Canadian folk-rock legend Joni Mitchell is one of the influential talents of musical history who rose to fame in the ’60s. Many people don’t know that she has a daughter and people don’t know about this as she kept this a secret for two decades. Her daughter’s name is Kelly Dale Anderson and she is one of the most famous adoption stories.

Who is Kelly Dale Anderson?

Kelly Dale Anderson is Joni Mitchell and Brad MacMath‘s daughter. On February 19, 1965 Kelly Dale Anderson was born. At the age of 21 Joni got pregnant with Brad MacMath and they were not married.

Brad didn’t want to be a father. So he left and moved on to California. Joni thought being a mother would harm her musical career. Her musical career made it difficult for her to handle motherhood. At the age of six months, Kelly was adopted by David and Ida Gibbs. She was renamed Kilauren Gibb.

Kelly Dale Anderson’s Personal Information

Full NameKelly Dale Anderson
NicknameKilauren Gibb
Date of Birth19th Feb 1965
Age58 years
Weight68 kg
ParentsJoni Mitchell and Brad MacMath
Children2 ( Daisy Joan and Marlin)

Early Life of Kelly Dale Anderson

As a teenager, Kelly Dale Anderson started modeling. In November 1983 she was featured on the cover of magazines like Chatelaine. She enrolled in Harvard University and The University of Toronto courses.

How are Joni and Kelly Reunite?

A reunion of Joni and Kelly happened harnessing the power of the internet. In Los Angeles, the reunion happened and it was the year of 1997. But this reunion process started way before in 1992. One of Joni Mitchell’s fans posted online about Joni giving a daughter up for adoption. Kelly was 32 and Joni was 54 when they reunited in 1997. According to Kelly, she met Joni in her kitchen and both of them hugged. At that time Kelly felt like she had gone away on a trip for a couple of months and she just came home. Kelly had a surprise for her mother and it was her son Marlin who was 4 years old at that time with her.

Meeting of Kelly Dale Anderson and Joni Mitchell

Until Kelly was 27, she didn’t know that she was adopted. In 1997, Kelly and her biological mother Joni met.

It was reported that it was a fairy tale experience for Kelly. After that things didn’t go really well and dark times came. At That time Kelly was a single mother. She was struggling with life situations. Also, Kelly didn’t have a good relationship with her adoptive parents at that time. If Kelly would have asked Joni for money, she could have got the money. But she didn’t choose to.

Kelly was hesitant to call Joni ‘mother’ and it took her a long time to be comfortable with calling Joni ‘mother’. Things became very stressful for Kelly and she had to be admitted to the hospital’s emergency room.

As time passed, everything became normal and the two got close to each other. They kept their relationship private from the public eye and now Joni is grandmother to Kelly’s two kids Marlin and Daisy Claire Gibbs.

Kelly and Her Mother’s Relationship Currently

Unfortunately, the initial joy of reuniting didn’t really last very long. Within 4 years unpleasant trauma began to take place between Joni and Kelly’s relationship. There is an allegation that Ms. Mitchell slapped Ms. Gibbs during a heated moment in January 2000. A police report was made in that incident.

Ms. Gibbs wanted to report the assault. But she didn’t want to press any charges. Currently, there is not much information about this duo’s relationship. So it’s hard to comment on how everything between them now in the relationship.

What Does Kelly Do for a Living?

According to the latest update Kelly had a display of her landscape paintings in 2015.

Relationship Status of Kelly

Kelly Dale Anderson

In 1979 when Kelly met Edward Barrington, she was a teenager. She has had a troubled relationship with Edward. Kelly married Paul Kohler and the couple got divorced in 1992.

After that Edward Barrington and Kelly had an ongoing and going relationship. Kelly and Kohla dated for two years and after that, they married. Kohler was a talent agent in the profession and used to work in Toronto. The couple got divorced in 1995.

At that time Barrington reentered Kelly’s life. In 1997 when Kelly and Joni reunited, Barrinton was there. Barrington proposed just a few months after this incident. In 1998 she became pregnant and in 1999 gave birth to Daisy Joan.

Social Media Handle of Kelly Dale Anderson

Kelly Dane Anderson maintains a private life and doesn’t have a strong social media presence. She has a private Instagram account. She is on Facebook.

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