Brad Macmath: Joni’s Past & Biological Dad of Kelly Dale Anderson

Who is Brad Macmath?

Brad Macmath, a born Canadian, was a resident of Regina, Saskatoon, and belonged to white ethnicity. Being a student of Calgary’s Alberta College of Art & Design, Brad holds a certificate in art and design. Later on, he chose to pursue a portrait photographer profession in the Toronto city of Canada.

Even though most of his information wasn’t public, he came to national attention when Joni Mitchell publicly appealed for her missing daughter of thirty years.

The Love Story of Brad Macmath and Joni Mitchell

Brad Macmatt and Joni Mitchell were a couple in 1963 when both were students of Calgary’s Alberta College of Art & Design. They started dating right after a couple of weeks of being freshers.

Jony was found some months pregnant at the time of graduation and both of them were happy. However, things changed after graduation and they broke up. Joni became a single mother and gave birth to Kelly Dale Anderson on February 19, 1965, after her career started in 1964.

Due to a lack of child support from Brad, Jony put her child up for adoption when Kelly was only 6 months old.

Because Brad has refused to accept responsibility for having other children with other women, it has been revealed that he is an irresponsible man.
On the other hand, Jony moved on with her singing career and is known as the most influential Canadian American singer of the 20th Century. In the meantime, she was married twice and divorced as well.

The Adoption Story of Kelly Anderson, A.K.A Kilauren Gibb

Kelly Anderson (Kilauren Gibb) was adopted by David and Ida Gibb and raised in Don Mills. Both of her guardians were teachers. When she was still a teenager, she started modeling and starred on the Chatelaine cover. She also attended classes at Harvard University in Boston and the University of Toronto. She learned her adoption story when she was 27.

Why The Couple Didn’t Get Married?

Being young and insecure in their finances when Joni Mitchell became pregnant with Kelly, Kelly Dale Anderson’s biological parents never wed. Joni was a 21-year-old art student then, and Brad MacMath, her father, was a photographer. Late in 1964, Brad and Joni separated after she became pregnant. He then moved to California.

Chuck Mitchell, a folk performer and the creator of Transparent Music, was Jony’s first spouse. On June 19, 1965, they were married in a magnificent ceremony and split in 1967.

Then she met musician Larry Klein on the Wild Things Run Fast set in 1982. Later that year, on November 21, 1982, they married after falling in love and divorced in 1994.

The Reunion Story of Kelly with Jony and Brad

Kelly reunited with her mother in 1997, along with her 4-year-old son. The reunion was all stressed at first and it took a couple of months for them to be comfortable.

In 2021, in June, Brad met with her biological daughter Kelly and his grandson.

He said,
“I was always sort of looking for her on the street, even though I didn’t know it. To have a grown daughter and grandson appear out of nowhere is amazing.”


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