Harmony of Larry Klein: Scandals, Success, Waives & Family Ties

Larry Klein, the record producer, has a contentious personal history. He has been married four times, with his second marriage to Joni Mitchell being the most difficult. Although one of the four relations is a rumored one and has never been confirmed.

Larry Klein at a Glance

Larry Klein

Full NameLarry Klein
ProfessionMusician, Songwriter, Record Producer
BaseLos Angeles
InstrumentBass (Primary), Keyboards, Drums (Programming)
Career Highlights– Played with jazz legends: Willie Bobo, Freddie Hubbard, Herbie Hancock, etc.
– Worked as a bassist with Bob Dylan, Peter Gabriel, Don Henley, and others
– Four-time Grammy Award-winning record producer for Joni Mitchell and Herbie Hancock
– Produced over 100 albums for artists like Joni Mitchell, Herbie Hancock, Shawn Colvin, etc.
Early Life– Grew up in Monterey Park, California
– Enrolled in the Community School for the Performing Arts at USC during junior high
– Studied music composition and theory, played in various bands
Marriage to Linda Thompson– Married Linda Thompson in 1980; divorced in 1982
– Met during production of Thompson’s debut album
– Despite different career aspirations, shared passion for music
Marriage to Joni Mitchell– Married Joni Mitchell in 1982 during work on “Wild Things Run Fast”
– Continued collaboration through divorce, working on albums like “Turbulent Indigo”
Relationship with Tracy Chapman– Romantically involved with Chapman in the early 1990s
– Controversial relationship as Chapman was a lesbian and Klein was still married to Mitchell
– Chapman came out as a lesbian in the early 2000s, and Klein and Mitchell’s divorce was finalized in 1994
Marriage to Luciana Souza– Married Brazilian jazz vocalist Luciana Souza in 2006
– Met in 2005 at the Los Angeles Philharmonic where Souza was performing
– They have one son, Noah, born in 2006
– Collaborated on various musical projects, including Souza’s 2007 album “The New Bossa Nova”
– Released a collaborative album “Storytellers” in 2020, featuring Souza singing songs by Klein and other composers
– Both are passionate about music and maintain a settled family life in Los Angeles
Children– Daughter Kilauren Gibb, born in 1994 (paternity initially attributed to Klein, later claimed by James Taylor)
– Son Noah, born in 2006 (with Luciana Souza)
Notable Awards– Grammy Awards for Producer of the Year (Nomination in 2019)
– Grammy Awards for Album of the Year and Best Contemporary Jazz Album (for “River: The Joni Letters”) in 2008
Controversies– Marital discord and infidelity during marriage to Joni Mitchell
– Controversial relationship with Tracy Chapman due to conflicting personal orientations
– Accusations of being a chronic cheater and slacker in his personal life

Growing Larry was Attracted to Jazz

Klein grew up in the California town of Monterey Park. Klein’s mother enrolled him in The Community School for the Performing Arts, an after-school music program sponsored by the University of Southern California, when he was in junior high.

Through the program, Klein studied music composition and theory and began playing in rock bands. By the age of 17, Klein had developed an interest in the technical problems that jazz music provided to him.

Klein began working with various jazz and Latin music ensembles after graduating from high school early and enrolling at California State University. While at California State, he also toured as a sideman.

Larry as a 24-Year-Old Adolescent

Linda Thompson married Larry Klein from 1980 until 1982. They met in 1979 when Klein was working as a producer on Linda Thompson’s debut album. They were instantly attracted to each other and started dating.

Thompson was just starting out, whereas Klein was already a successful producer. He’d collaborated with performers including Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, and Tracy Chapman.

Despite their disparate professional paths, Thompson and Klein had a lot in common. They were both imaginative and ambitious, and they had a passion for music.

They married in 1980 in a simple ceremony in Los Angeles. Elvis Presley, Thompson’s ex-boyfriend, was not invited.

Thompson and Klein had a passionate but short marriage. In 1982, they divorced due to irreconcilable disagreements.

The Fall of a Passionate Relationship

Thompson and Klein’s marriage may have failed for a variety of reasons. One factor is that they married while they were both extremely young. Klein was 24 years old, and Thompson was 21. They could have been unprepared for the commitment of marriage.

Another cause for their marriage’s demise was that they had extremely different work aspirations. Klein aspired to be a successful record producer, while Thompson aspired to be a successful singer and actress. Their conflicting objectives may have strained their partnership.

Finally, Thompson and Klein could just have grown apart. They were both quite different people, and they may have understood that they would never be compatible.

A Little Thing Called Love

Thompson and Klein remained friends despite the breakdown of their marriage. In interviews, they have spoken positively about each other.

Thompson writes about her connection with Klein in her memoir, A Little Thing Called Life, which was published in 2004. He was a “brilliant” and “talented” man, she said, but they were not compatible in the long run.

However, the book not only talks about Larry Klein but most of her life mainly about Elvis Presley.

Thompson and Klein’s story shows that even the most devoted partnerships may fail.

Larry Klein’s Controversy with Brad MacMath‘s Wife

Joni Mitchell with Larry Klein's painting
Image Credit: Unknown

Klein married Mitchell, who was already a well-known singer-songwriter, in 1982. During their marriage, Klein produced numerous of Mitchell’s albums, including the Grammy Award-winning Night Ride Home and Turbulent Indigo. Their partnership, however, was marred by infidelity and discord.

Mitchell gave birth to a daughter, Kilauren Gibb, in 1994. Klein was thought to be the father for many years. Mitchell, on the other hand, claimed in 2015 that the real father was her ex-boyfriend, James Taylor.

Larry’s Relationship with Tracy results in Divorce with Mitchell

Klein was also romantically involved with Tracy Chapman, whom he produced in the early 1990s. The connection was contentious because Chapman was a lesbian and Klein was still married to Mitchell.

The fact that Chapman came out as a lesbian in the early 2000s, and Klein and Mitchell’s divorce was concluded in 1994, strengthens this idea. However, no one has confirmed the rumor.

Who is Noah?

Klein married Luciana Souza, a Brazilian jazz vocalist, in 2006. Larry Klein and Luciana Souza met in 2005 at the Los Angeles Philharmonic, where Souza was performing. They married in August 2006 and have one son, Noah, together.

Souza is also a composer who has received six Grammy nominations.

The couple has worked on various musical projects together, including Souza’s 2007 album The New Bossa Nova, which was produced by Klein. Storytellers, their collaborative album released in 2020, featured Souza singing songs by Klein and other composers.

Klein and Souza are both passionate about music, but they also make time for their families. Their son, Noah, lives with them in Los Angeles. Their personal life isn’t so social.

Finally, a Settled Relation!

Klein’s personal life has sparked much curiosity and scandal. He’s been accused of being a chronic cheater and a slacker. However, he has also been acclaimed for his musical abilities and ability to bring out the best in the artists with whom he collaborates.

Larry Klein is a complicated and contentious person. He is a skilled musician and producer, but he has also made some questionable personal decisions.



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