YouTube Sensation Ms. Rachel: Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight and More

Rachel Griffin is a popular songwriter, YouTube sensation, social media personality, and passionate educator who dedicated her life to teaching music.

She is popular for creating the YouTube series ‘Songs for Littles.’ This series has been made with a mission to develop the language skills of toddlers and infants. Moreover, numerous awards have been given to her for her teaching and songwriting.

She has an estimated net worth of $10 million. She is also a successful businesswoman.

BirthdayNovember 8, 1980
Age42 years
Height1.61 m
Skin ColorWhite
Hair ColorJet Black
Weight60 kg
OccupationSongwriter, Educator

Early Life & Education:

Rachel Griffin is mostly known as Ms. Rachel. She was born in Biddeford, Maine, and grew up in San Sanford, Maine, on the 8th of November, 1980. Firstly, she attended Sanford High School. She was introduced to the theatre then.

Also, she studied at the University of Southern Maine. After that, she decided to get herself educated in music and that’s why she got a master’s degree in music education from New York University. Besides, at present, she is doing a second master’s degree in early childhood education.


Rachel grew up in a family that was progressive both culturally and politically. In addition to that, her parents were involved in the civil rights movement. Her father, John Accurso was a member of ‘Grateful Dead’.

FatherJohn Accurso
MotherMarry Griffin
HusbandAron Accuurso

Career/Popular Movie/Song/Album:

In 2019 Rachel Griffin started her YouTube channel collaborating with her husband Aron Accurso who is a music director and composer. Interestingly, she started creating music keeping her son Thomas’s speech delay issue who didn’t say a word until two years of age.

She created ‘Songs for Littles’, which was in the children’s music genre. It was a children’s music YouTube series combining classic children’s songs like nursery rhymes. It was widely popular and toddlers loved this series immensely. This series alone made Rachel Griffin a YouTube sensation.

Moreover, she gained millions of followers on her YouTube channel and created a strong presence on social media. During COVID, the YouTube channel started gaining popularity and as of today, it has earned over three million subscribers. Recently Rachel and ‘Songs for Littles’ has been signed by Creative Artists Agency.

Net Worth:

As a social media star, Ms. Rachel makes money through her social media profiles.

Net Worth
$10 million
Monthly Income
$27.9k – $445.6k (estimated)
Yearly Income
$334.2k – $5.3M (estimated)

Social Media Networks and Followers Count:

Rachel Griffin has earned stardom for creating her very popular YouTube series ‘Songs for Littles’ and what’s interesting is, people of diverse age groups loved the show. Due to this, she earned massive fan-following on social media like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

Social MediaFollowers
YouTube8 M+


Rachel has been criticized by a section of her followers on TikTok. As we know Rachel posts educational content for children on TikTok, some of her followers didn’t like the fact that Accurso’s co-star Jules Hoffman used they/them pronouns.

In response to the backlash in February 2023, she took a break from TikTok, and the reason she mentioned this sudden break was a mental health issue. Needless to say, Rachel’s taking a break from TikTok has something to do with parents expressing frustration over her co-star’s pronouns.

Also, she posted a video clip on TikTok on February 27 announcing her break from TikTok. In the 9-second clip, Griffin sang, “I’m taking a break from TikTok for my mental health.”


Who is Ms. Rachel in real life?

Rachel Griffin was a preschool teacher and later became a YouTube content creator for kids.

How did ‘Songs for Littles’ start?

Rachel’s son had a speech delay problem and from here the idea of creating a YouTube series like ‘Songs for Littles’ came to her mind. She created this show to encourage speech.

Who makes up Ms. Rachel’s cast?

Ms. Rachel’s cast is Rachel’s husband Aron Accurso who creates arrangements and underscores the show, New York City-based singer Jules Hoffman who has been working with Rachel since her music class days and Beth Jean who does the work of the show’s animation, editing.

How is ‘Songs for Little’ helpful for kids?

‘Songs for Littles’ helps kids by developing their language. Rachel used her speech therapy lessons from her therapist to create the show.

Who is Rachel Griffin’s husband?

Aron Accurso is Rachel Griffin’s husband. Apart from working with Rachel for the show, he is also a songwriter and pianist. Moreover, he is the assistant music director for Aladdin on Broadway.

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